Broward County Sheriff's Medevac Pilot Looses Parents to COVID-19

While Saving the Lives of Others.

Despite His Own Tragic Loss, He Never Misses a Beat When Duty Calls!

(March 31, 2021, Fort Lauderdale, FL  - by AMERICAN EPISODES) - On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Broward County Sheriff's Department (BSO) hosted "Aviation Day" under the roof (and outside) of BSO's Aviation Hanger stationed at Fort Lauderdale's Executive Airport (FLX).  Sadley, AMERICAN EPISODES learned that during height of the Coronavirus (COVD-19) Pandemic, Lieutenant Louis Solomon, while serving as a medevac pilot with BSO's Fire-Rescue Aviation Unit, Rescue 4, (risking his own life during COVID-19 helping save others), he lost his own parents to COVID-19, a loving Mother and Father. 

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Sheriff Gregory Tony (L) With Pilot Deputy Carl Spear (R)

Broward County Sheriff's Department 

BSO Velda Coleman Wright PIO.PNG

Veda Coleman-Wright, Director of Public Information Office

Broward County Sheriff's Department 

Today's Aviation Day was overseen by Veda Coleman-Wright, Director of BSO's Public Information Office (PIO), and attended by Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, a Republican,  becoming Broward's Top Cop first by appointment by Governor Ron DeSantis (FL-R), steaming from the tragic events surrounding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Following a heated political race for Broward's Top Cop, Tony was then elected Broward County Sheriff during the 2020 elections.

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Gary Metz, Executive Producer



Inside the Cockpit

Broward County Sheriff Department's Aviation Unit

Lieutenant Louis Solomon can be characterized as a seasoned veteran fire-rescue team member whom harbors a deep passion as a medevac pilot saving lives.  Despite his own tragic loss of his parents to COVID-19, he is able to see pass this loss (while not forgetting the love of his Mother and Father), and carry on his mission protecting and saving the lives of the public in which he proudly serves.  He, like his comrades, stand behind his Brothers and Sisters whom wear the badge serving to protect life, liberty and property in hopes of a safe return home.

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Lieutenant Louis Solomon and Comrades

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Today's event included "Family Time" (a 'straight-to-the-point" method of finding solutions to challenges which may be faced by team members or various departments to ensure continuity of public safety across the board within BSO).  Members of the local press and media were included in today's Aviation Day and treated like family.  SKYFORCE Aviation Unit (a news-media aircraft proudly bearing the WSVN 7 insignia of Sunbeam Television Corporation), was on display and part of today's Aviation Day.  The ariel footage captured by SKYFORCE for local news (LIVE and re-broadcasts) is commonly seen during local newscasts on WSVN 7 (among other media outlets).  SKYFORCE is known to aid law enforcement (including fire-rescue) with needed and critical intelligence, in real-time, relaying communications to ground units, thus helping First Responders to effectively perform their duties as their "eyes in the sky"!

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Lieutenant Solomon (and his aviation team members, including the aviation mechanics) can be best described as "Aviation Superheroes" - navigating through the worst of weather conditions and the chattered radio skywaves, never missing a beat, ready to serve at a moments notice when duty calls. Lt. Solomon continues to serve Broward residents and visitors with Broward Country Sheriff's Fire-Rescue Aviation Unit.  Learn more about the Broward Sheriff's Department at

The producers of AMERICAN EPISODES and SONIK VIBE will soon release "Thunderstruck" (Episode Two), a film series leading up to Honoring fallen Seminole Tribe of Florida Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Donald DiPetrillo, whom also was a safety team member of World Champion Offshore Race Team of the MISS GEICO OFFSHORE RACE TEAM.  "Thunderstruck" - (Episode One) can be viewed here.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony Aviation Unit FLX

Sheriff Gregory Tony Ready for Take-Off

Broward County Sheriff's Department


Carey Codd, Senior Public Information Officer (L)

Broward County Sheriff's Department

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